Tips for Making Cashback work for you

How do I earn cashback?
How do I know if my Cashback is tracked?
Do all purchases qualify for Cashback?
Can you track my Cashback if I forget to click through from RebateMango?
Why has my cashback claim been declined?

Cashback Status
What do the Cashback statuses mean in my RebateMango account?
When will my Cashback change from “Pending” to “Redeemable”?
Does Cashback Expire

What are Mangoes?
What are Mango Tiers?
Do Mangoes Expire?
Can I gift Mangoes to Friends?

Cashback Redemption
How do I redeem my Cashback?


Tips for making cashback work for you

·       Do make sure your cookies are enabled and pop-up blockers/ad-blockers are disabled. If using a mobile device, ensure you are not using pop-up blocker/ad-blocker or cookie protection apps.

·       Do enable JavaScript in your browser.

·       Anti-virus software and Firewalls are known to obstruct affiliate links (which we use to track your purchases). Your firewall must be enabled for cookie tracking. Ad and cookie blocking must be disabled to allow us to track your transactions.

·       Don't use private browsing or incognito windows in any browser.

·       If possible, use a dedicated browser for all your shopping, as you would have to do amend your settings after any automatic updates on your browser.

·       Do sign in to your RebateMango account and start your shopping by clicking on the retailer´s link.

·       Don't use any voucher codes received from any source other than RebateMango.

·       Do try to complete your purchase in one sitting only. Using a saved quote or shopping from previously saved shopping carts may cause your cashback to be declined. If after checkout you want to continue your purchase from the same retailer, close the browser, return to the site and start a new session by clicking the retailer link.

·       Don’t open too many website tabs in the same browser as it may seriously affect transaction tracking.

·       If you experience problems while making an online transaction and opt to call the retailer to complete the order, your cashback earning could be affected - please refer to retailer’s terms and conditions.

·       Don’t mix products with different cashback rates within the same purchase as the retailer will track everything at the lower rate.

·       Don’t buy more than one insurance policy/phone contract etc. in the same purchase - make a separate purchase for each in order to qualify for the cashback

How do I Earn Cashback?

Login or signup to RebateMango

Browse for your favourite online stores and click on any store you want to visit to be re-directed to the store.

Shop and complete your order within the same tab so that RebateMango can track your order and the amount you had spent.

Repeat the entire process starting at RebateMango every time you make a purchase.


Important things to note:

It will take up to 48 hours for your Cashback to be processed and reflected in your RebateMango account.

Your Cashback will be Redeemable once it has passed the pending period, which differs for each store. You can find the pending period for each store in the store page under conditions

You will be able to request for a payout of your Cashback into your bank account once you have accumulated a total of RM10.00 in “Redeemable” Cashback.



How do I know if my Cashback is tracked?

Typically, your Cashback will take up to 48 hours to be processed and credited into your RebateMango account. You can log in to your RebateMango account to check whether the Cashback has been tracked.

RebateMango reserves the right to cancel or delay your Cashback payment should a partner store alter their policies or delay their commission payments.


Do all purchases qualify for Cashback?

Cashback applies to most purchases, with the exception of charity products and any Cashback restrictions set by individual stores. Check each partner store page for their Terms & Conditions.

Typically, Cashback will not apply to any taxes, shipping, or any portion of a purchase that is paid for with gift certificates, store credits or charity.


Can you track my Cashback if I forget to click through from RebateMango?

In order for RebateMango to track your Cashback, we will have to plant a tracking cookie in your internet browser to track your order and reward you with the right amount of Cashback.

If you forget to click through from RebateMango, we will not be able to track your order and no Cashback will be given.

Why has my cashback claim been declined?

Whenever a cashback claim is declined, a reason is given by the retailer. These are some of the reasons a retailer may provide:

The purchase was returned, cancelled or the order amended.

The purchase was not completed wholly online.

Another referrer has been awarded the cashback commission (e.g. a price comparison site or a voucher site).

You didn’t comply with the terms and conditions of the retailer.

A voucher code or gift code not authorised by us was used.

The merchant has ceased trading or has gone into administration.


Unfortunately, if the cashback has been paid to another referrer, we're unable to help further. This may be due to shopping around prior to purchase, using comparison services or having multiple tabs open at the time of purchase.


What do the Cashback statuses mean in my RebateMango account?

Pending: Cashback is in your RebateMango account and it is being confirmed and validated by the partner store. If you make any cancellations, returns or exchanges, your Cashback will be voided.

Completed: Cashback has been validated by the partner store and you can request for a payout into your bank if the total amount of “Completed” Cashback is more than RM 10.00.

Payout: Two statuses

Processing: This means that you have successfully requested for a payout of your Cashback and our Accounts team is processing your payout. Your payout should be deposited in your bank account within 7-14 working days.

Paid: Your payout has been successfully deposited into your bank.


When will my Cashback change from “Pending” to “Redeemable”?

Your Cashback will change from “Pending” to “Redeemable” after the pending period has elapsed. The pending period differs for each store and can be found on each individual store page under “Cashback redeemable within”. The duration of the pending period is subjected to each store’s policy on cancellations, returns and exchanges. This allows for the partner store to validate the order and to prevent fraudulent transactions.


Does Cashback Expire?
The cashback accumulated in your account will expire only if your account goes inactive (no transactions made through RebateMango for one year).


What are Mangoes?
You accumulate mangoes every time you make a purchase through RebateMango. With every RM 2 you spend, you receive 5 mangoes. Once you have accumulated enough mangoes, you can get moved into a different mango tier. You start in the green mango tier but once you have 10.000 mangoes, you move to the Yellow Mango tier. This gives you an additional 5% cashback on all purchases. Once you reach 25.000 mangoes, you reach gold mango tier. This gives you an additional 10% cashback on all purchases.


What are Mango Tier?
There are three mango tiers on RebateMango, green, yellow and gold. You start in the Green tier. You reach the yellow tier by accumulating 10.000 mangoes. You receive 5 mangoes for every RM 2 you spend. Once in the Yellow Mango tier, you get 5% additional cashback. You reach the Golden Mango Tier when you have accumulated 25.000 mangoes. When you are in the Golden Mango tier, you receive 10% additional cashback on all purchases.


Does Mangoes Expire?
Yes, mangoes do expire yearly. You can see in your profile page on RebateMango when your current mangoes will expire.


Can I gift Mangoes to my friends?
No, mangoes are personal and cannot be gifted from one user to another.


How do I redeem my Cashback?
Cashback can be redeemed from your profile on RebateMango. First make sure you have entered the correct banking details in your profile, and that your account balance is more than RM 10. Once this is in place, simply request the cashback from your profile. Your Cashback will be processed and deposited into your selected bank account within 7-14 working days. There will be no service charges.  

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