How it work?

Getting Money back for online shopping is now much easier.

All you need to do is to follow three simple steps below. In addition, earn Mangoes as you shop and enjoy even more cashback on your purchases.
It is easy to join RebateMango and get access to cashbacks on many of the best and biggest retailers on the internet. All you need to do is sign up. Just fill in your email and password that you would like in order to create a profile. It takes less than a minute and gives you access to our many fantastic deals.
Once you have signed up, simply use our links when you wish to make a purchase with your favorite retailer or new offer. It is very important that you use our links when you go to the retailer, as that is how we track your purchases and reward you. Once you land on the retailers' website, simply make your purchase as usual.
Once you have made a purchase through the offer links we make available, the purchase and your cashback will be tracked by us. You can subsequently follow the cashback you have earned in your account info at RebateMango . Note that it takes up to 72 hours for the system to list your purchase . Once your Purchase is listed in the system, the cashback becomes available for payout once the minimum processing period is over (first and foremost the return date is expired), and you have reached your payment threshold. Once in place, you can request to have your cashback returned directly to your bank account.

It is THAT easy for you to make money from your online purchases!

But there is more!

Every time you shop with us, earn points or Mangoes, as we call them. Collect enough Mangoes and enjoy even more cashback. It is possible for you to earn up to a total of 10% additional free cashback* when you have gathered enough Mangoes.This is how it works:
Please see the different Mango status tiers for extra savings on your purchases 
Green Mango Status
(When it's not ripe,it's not sweet)
0 - 9,999 Mangoes
Normal Cashback*
Yellow Mango Status
(So sweet, your can eat it on it's own)
10,000 - 24,999 Mangoes
+5% More Cashback*
Gold Mango Status
(You're good for sticky rice!)
25,000+ Mangoes
+10% More Cashback*
Every RM1 spent earns you 2.5 Mangoes!
So start shopping
and gathering Mangoes today!

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